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1,000L Natural Mauser IBC on a Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallet IBC Container

Product Code: NXMAUS05972003



Based on a robust wooden pallet design, allowing for easy handling and provides high rigidity, making these units ideal for high rack storage. Suitable for all hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.

• 4 way entry wooden pallet
• 2" Buttress Thread Butterfly Valve
• Available with 150mm Vented and Un-Vented Tops
• FDA approved

IBC Containers Direct provides MAUSER® IBCs for safe and reliable transport of dangerous and sensitive goods. Manufactured using tubular design to international standards, MAUSER® provides market-developed, market-tested, market-proven designs in extremely durable IBCs that meet a wide variety of applications.

Each MAUSER® SM IBC is covered by a robust steel tube cage made from zinc-coated steel coils to ensure maximum rigidity. In-house engineering of cage welding and forming lines guarantees process reliability and continuous quality. The patented cage design is optimized to withstand dynamic and static load during all modes of transport and storage.

Hot Filling
Based on our practical experience gained from the design-type approval procedures for our dangerous goods IBC and in consideration of the physical properties of PE-HD we would give the following recommendations:

Hot filling: maximum filling good temperature 65 °C, filled at ambient temperature.
The statement in this technical information results from technical experience and is to be taken as recommendation only, no warranty or legal claims may be derived from it.

MAUSER® SM IBCs can be stacked two high during transport; higher stacks are permissible in warehouse storage. (Assuming a top load not exceeding 1650kg).

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