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Industries and Usage for IBCs

IBCs are a practical packaging solution with uses in a wide range of industries and environments. IBCs are ideal for the storage of various industrials chemicals as well as paints, inks & dyes and petro chemicals.

Our IBCs are perfectly designed for the safe storage of important Agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. Our durable containers are easily stored and can be trusted to protect and prevent leaks of potentially harmful substances such as insect repellents.

Industrial chemicals can serve a wide range of functions and therefore can have many potentially harmful properties making them harder to store safety. Our IBCs allow you too easily and safely store chemicals which may be explosive, flammable, poisonous, and highly acidic or highly alkali. Our products are easily sealed ensuring safe packing, transport and storage no matter the chemicals involved.

Our IBCs are suitable for a wide range of paints, inks, dyes or coatings for almost any purpose. Whether you are looking to package, transport and store water based, solvent based or epoxy-based coatings our durable containers make doing so easy and safe. Our IBCs allow all contents to be safely transported with minimal risk of spillage or leaking.

Designed to resist damage and leaking our IBCs are ideal for the transport of flammable or combustible chemicals. For the petrochemical industries we have developed easily filled, durable anti-leak IBCs to prevent harm to others and wastage of chemical products.

With products suitable for the safe packing, storage and transport of both liquid and powdered products our IBCs are suitable for pharmaceutical application. The durable, leak resistant IBCs prevent the contamination or spilling of their contents ensuring that they are pure and ready for the next stage of the manufacturing process.

Our food grade IBCs are manufactured to meet European Food Grade Standards. The containers are moulded from high purity HDPE in swabbed, disinfected moulds and in food packaging conditions. These food grade IBCs are fitted with lugs and apertures to allow the fitting of tamper evident seals at the filling cap and outlet tap to show tamper evidence and protect the filled contents of the container.

Our seamlessly integrated pallet design and steel/plastic and all-plastic (steel strengthened) pallets meet high standard, hygiene needs and offer excellent shock and corrosion resistance.

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