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1,000L Anti-Static IBC

Composite Pallet IBC Container

Product Code: MAUSER® SM EX UN



MAUSER® SM EX* With its multi-layer bottle, which incorporates an external layer of permanent antistatic plastics compound, MAUSER® SM EX has been developed for use in EX-Zones 1 and 2.

This Cenelec-certified design includes discharge valves and pallets that are especially designed for grounding the unit. This model is available on composite and wooden pallet only.

• Developed for use in EX-Zones 1 and 2
• Certified according CENELEC TR50404:2003 and BGR 132
• UN-approved for all model liquids
• Innovative multi-layer bottle concept for additional safety
• Innovative multi-layer bottle concept for transluscent inner container
• Based on well known MAUSER SM13 design with composite pallet
• Also available with wooden pallet (SM 6 EX)
• With or without discharge valve
• Clearly diversified against standard units throughout yellow coloured corner protectors

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